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Heart Failure Disease Management

At Arnot Health's Heart and Vascular Institute, the heart failure disease management program is an outpatient program that helps manage a patient's heart failure condition and symptoms. It is assisted by certified nurses who provide direct care and coordinate treatment with a Cardiovascular physician.

Because of its one-on-one contact and consistent assistance with trained professionals, the Heart and Vascular Institute's disease management program provides the following benefits:

  • Opportunity to optimize recommended medications for a heart failure patient
  • Frequent assessment of a patient's current condition so as to ensure consistent treatment through a uniquely tailored medication plan
  • A decrease in the need for hospitalization and emergency department care
  • Assistance and support in following lifestyle changes to manage any heart condition
  • Advice from heart failure management professionals to improve and maintain a patient's quality of life

For more information about the Heart Failure Disease Management program, or to schedule an appointment, please call the Heart and Vascular Institute at 607-737-4130.

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