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Excellus Quality Reports

Excellus Inc., headquartered in Rochester, NY, is a $4 billion not-for-profit company that finances and delivers healthcare in Upstate New York and provides long-term-care insurance across the nation. The corporation's health-insurance group, Excellus Health Plan, includes BlueCross Blue Shield of Central New York, BlueCross Blue Shield of the Rochester Area and BlueCross Blue Shield of Utica-Watertown.

Excellus BlueCross Blue Shield also develops quality reports for consumers. The data in these reports should be used in conjunction with other sources when choosing your healthcare providers.

These are reports are for all of the Upstate New York hospitals that contract with the BlueCross BlueShield Plans in the Rochester Area, Central New York, and Utica/Watertown. These reports will give you information on the number of patients who were treated or underwent a procedure ("volume") and what percent of these patients died (death rate or "mortality rate") while in the hospital. For some types of hospital care, reports are also available that indicate the proportion of patients who underwent a procedure as a percent of all of those eligible for the procedure (use rate or "utilization rate").

Use the Excellus BlueCross Blue Shield Quality Report to review quality data at New York State hospitals.

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