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Independent Medical Exams

Arnot Health Occupational Medicine offers certified Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) and Evaluations for injured workers in the Twin Tiers region of New York and Pennsylvania.  Medical Director Kenneth Subin, MD, MPH specializes in evaluating work-related impairment and disability with advanced training in impairment analysis of work-related injury and illness.  He provides consultations for more than 500 companies including state and federal worker’s compensation programs and insurance companies.

Worker’s Compensation Evaluation Services
Our specialty programs and services include IMEs, scheduled loss of use assessments (SLOUs), impairment and disability assessments, and workability determinations.

  • Disability assessments according to State of New York Workers’ Compensation Board Medical Guidelines
  • Accurate, independent impairment evaluations according to the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth editions of the American Medical Association (AMA) Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment
  • Thorough, objective medical summaries and case reports that clarify causation and apportion responsibility
  • Credible, defensible testimony as a medical expert witness in a variety of legal proceedings and venues

Contact Us
To learn more about Dr. Subin’s expertise and Arnot Health Occupational Medicine offerings, contact us:

Occupational Medicine
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