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Job Shadowing

Thank you for your interest in job shadowing at Arnot Health. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not accepting shadow applications at this time for the safety of our patients and staff. Please check back for updates.

Considering a career in healthcare? Arnot Health is the place to start. Our Job Shadowing program gives you an opportunity to explore a wide array of challenging and rewarding positions in the industry. We hope your experience will lead you to choose a career that matters in healthcare.


What is shadowing?
Shadowing gives an individual interested in a particular career a chance to see what it is like to be in that field by allowing him/her an opportunity to “shadow” an employee in that line of work. A shadow accompanies an employee as the employee goes about his/her typical job duties. A shadow experience provides a flavor for the job and the environment, but the learning opportunity includes no direct contact with patients, guests, or staff, and is not hands on in any manner. A shadow is generally accompanied by a paid staff member throughout the entire experience and does not complete any tasks on his/her own.
If you are looking for an experience that involves interaction with patients, guests, and a variety of staff, and you are willing to make a longer commitment to get the full taste of the medical environment, you may wish to consider volunteering.

For how long may I shadow?
The shadowing experience is limited to 40 hours.

What is the minimum age for a shadow?
All shadows must be at least 16 years of age at the start of the shadow experience.

How do I begin the shadow experience?
To begin, you must contact the department where you wish to shadow. If you don’t know the telephone number of the department where you wish to shadow, call the main switchboard at 607-737-4100. If that department is offering shadow opportunities, exchange contact information with the person you speak with. That person will send you an application by mail or e-mail.

Which departments permit shadowing?
The needs of our patients always come first, and so the departments willing to host shadowing experiences varies. Some departments that have hosted shadows when capacity can accommodate include: imaging (radiology, ultrasound, etc.), physical therapy, occupational therapy, and lab. Shadowing a nurse, physician, physician assistant, or in a medical practice is possible for those interested in pursuing a medical career. However, these opportunities are limited and securing one may require multiple contacts and very flexible scheduling.

I would like to shadow next week. Can I submit all the paperwork in time?
If you have all your medical requirements in order, there is a possibility, dependent on whether you can line up all of the requirements in a short span of time. If you are starting the process from the ground up, it will likely take a minimum of three weeks until you may begin.

How do I schedule the days and times when I will shadow?
After all of the paperwork is submitted, you and the person you will be shadowing will be informed that you are ready to commence your shadowing experience. You will then work out a schedule with that person/department.

I am only available on certain days at certain times. Can a shadow experience be scheduled around that?
You must work out all scheduling constraints with the department where you will be shadowing. It is helpful to discuss these when you make your initial call. Some departments may have more flexibility than others.

May I shadow in multiple departments?
Yes, but you must make a new contact and complete a new application for each experience.

I shadowed in the summer of 2015. Do I need to fill out a new application?
Yes, each new shadow experience requires a new contact and new application.

Where is the shadow application that used to be online?
To maximize the shadow experience and the health and safety of our patients, the shadow application process changed on 01 April 2016. The shadow application is no longer provided on the Internet.

What do I do with the completed application?
Send the completed application, with the medical requirements to: Volunteer Services, Arnot Ogden Medical Center, 600 Roe Avenue, Elmira, NY 14905. You can also walk it into the Volunteer Office.

What medical requirements do I need?
We want to make sure that you and our patients are as safe as possible in the hospital environment. Therefore, we require:

  • Proof of having or receiving the vaccine for: measles (rubeola), mumps, rubella, and varicella (Chicken Pox). A vaccination record is the most typical form of documentation we receive. Individuals born before 1980 may need to have titers drawn to prove immunity.
  • Proof of a flu vaccination during flu season (generally 01 Nov-30 Apr, but subject to the declaration by the New York State Department of Health)
  • Proof of two (2) recent negative tuberculosis tests (or a recent negative chest x-ray). If you can submit proof of a TB test conducted within the last 12 months, only one test is necessary.
  • Documentation of fitness to serve in the medical environment. Generally this is achieved by a letter signed by your physician or a nurse practitioner indicating your suitability to serve in the hospital and that you are free of communicable diseases.

Who pays for the cost of any medical tests required?
The shadow will bear the responsibility of scheduling and handling the cost of any medical screenings.

What happens next?
Once your application and medical screenings have been reviewed, you will be sent a handbook and orientation materials via e-mail. You must complete these materials and send them in to the volunteer office (If you do not have access to e-mail or a printer, you may make an appointment to pick copies up at the volunteer office).
The paperwork will be verified and the quiz graded. If you pass (90 percent or higher), you and the department contact where you wish to shadow will be notified that you are ready to begin.

What do I wear for shadowing?
Each department will have different requirements for shadowing. Please discuss with the department which has agreed to host you.

How do I document my hours?
You must submit documentation of your hours shadowed at the end of each shadowing day. You may submit them in the volunteer office or e-mail them to . If you do not submit documentation of your hours, subsequent days of your shadowing experience may be cancelled.

It is now January and I would like to apply to shadow this summer. Can I do so?
Active shadow applications will remain on file for six months after submission. If you have not commenced your shadow experience in that time, you will need to fill out a new application.

I shadowed a doctor last summer and I would like to shadow her again over holiday break. Can I?
To maximize the opportunity for everyone, shadowing is limited to 40 hours in any one role/department.

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