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How to Choose a Facility

The transition to a long-term facility may be challenging for patients and their families. To find the facility that’s best for you and your needs: 

  • Ask questions. Ask many people—doctors, friends, relatives, hospital discharge planners, social workers, and religious organizations—about specific facilities in your area. Contact your state's Office of the Long-term Care Ombudsman for information about specific care facilities, including any reported problems. 
  • Call the places that interest you. Ask basic questions about vacancies, number of residents, costs and method of payment, and participation in Medicare and Medicaid. Also ask about what's important to you, such as transportation, meals, housekeeping, activities, special units for Alzheimer's disease, or medication policies.
  • Visit the places you are seriously interested in. When you find a place that seems right, go talk to the staff, residents, and family members of residents. Are social activities and exercise programs offered and enjoyed? Do residents have personal privacy? Is the facility secure for people and their belongings? Eat a meal there to see if you like the food.
  • Understand what's involved. Once you have made a choice, be sure you understand the facility's contract and financial agreement.


Arnot Health staff are available to answer any questions and provide a tour of any of our facilities.

 Finding a Nursing Home in New York State. (pdf)

Your Rights as a Nursing Home Resident in New York State (pdf)  

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