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JET - Part 1 of 3-Traveling Through Uncertainty: The Journey to Your Best Self (*ZOOM Meeting*)
Mar 1 2021
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Part 1 – Monday, 3/1

Part 2 – Monday, 3/8

Part 3 – Monday, 3/15

ZOOM Lunch & Learn Series


We are certainly dealing with uncertain times filled with fear, doubt and anxiety about what the future will look like.  The truth is:  the future has always been unknown.  Do we simply want to tread water and wait for things to get more resolved or do we want to learn how to navigate through this troubled time or any troubled time in a way that we actually come out of it a better version of ourselves?  That is the question tackled by these two Life Coaches, Judy Rowe and Lisa Rustici, who have dedicated their lives to helping people reach their highest potential, despite their outside circumstances.  In this dynamic 3-part series, these women will give you practical tools for utilizing this extraordinary time to actually find inner peace and joy. 
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Session 1:  “Where Do You Want to Go?” The biggest part of any trip is knowing your destination and how you will get there. The journey to your best self is no different.  What kind of planner are you? What might derail your plans? How do you want to come out of this uncertain time?  What parts of yourself do you still want to explore? How can you still pursue your dreams and goals for the future?


Arnot Health Employees - No Fee
Community Residents - $30.00


12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
ZOOM Meeting
HEALTH ON DEMAND (607) 737-4499
JET Office (607)737-4562

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