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A More Comfortable Mammography Experience, Now at Arnot Health

A More Comfortable Mammography Experience, Now at Arnot Health

A More Comfortable Mammography Experience, Now at Arnot Health
Arnot Health now brings 3D technology, also known as digital breast tomosynthesis, to local patients. This technology delivers superior diagnostic accuracy and is installed in newly rennovated mammography suites.  Mammography rooms have been redesigned to reduce anxiety with soothing sounds, scents and scenery. We’re reshaping the mammography experience in time for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The Senographe Pristina™, our 3D mammography unit, was designed from the ground up with the input from women. It is the first mammography system to provide women with the “three Cs”: comfort, confidence, and clarity.

The technology uses a low-dose short X‐ray “sweep” around the positioned breast with nine exposures acquired with a "step-and-shoot" method. This helps remove any movement of the x‐ray tube, reducing blur and increasing image sharpness.

The machine itself is designed to help reduce anxiety in what can be a stressful experience. When a patient is more relaxed, doctors see a better image.

And what better time to get a mammogram than in October during Breast Cancer Awareness month.  It’s a perfect reminder every year that it’s time to get a screening.

Patients can request a 3D mammogram appointment by calling the Health Center for Women in Elmira at 607-795-8080, select option 2
Prior to appointment, call your insurance company to verify coverage and cost.
Health Center For Women
600 Fitch St, Elmira, NY 14905
Monday - Wednesday 8 am - 4:30
Third Wednesday of each month 8 am - 7:30 pm
Thursday & Friday 7 am - 4:30 pm
First Thursday of each month 7 am - 7:30 pm
Questions regarding 3D mammography call 607-737-8141.

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