New Arnot Health Providers

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One of the best ways to maintain your health is to start seeing a primary care provider. Our physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants focus on preventative care and maintaining your overall health, as well as the treatment of injury and illness.

Meet our New Primary Care Providers (click name to view provider profile)

baruah-monideepa-final.jpg  Monideepa Baruah, MD - Gynecology

chin-daniel.jpg  Daniel Chin, MD - Internal Medicine

manu-d.jpg  Manu Devarajan, MD - Internal Medicine

philip-harmon-center-1.jpg  Philip Harmon, MD, FACOG - OB/GYN

morin-nabiha.jpg  Nabiha Morin, MD - Obstetrics/Gynecology

padro-rosa-fnp.jpg  Rosa Padro, FNP - Family Nurse Practioner

raniewicz-kelly.jpg  Kelly Raniewicz, NP - Family Medicine

rosenkrans-allison.jpg  Allison Rosekrans, FNP - Family Medicine

winton-center.jpg  Brittney Winton, DO - Internal Medicine

How to pick a primary care provider?

First, find out if your insurance requires a primary doctor and if the primary you want participates in your medical insurance plan. You can also ask your friends and co-workers for referrals, or ask colleagues or patients of the provider you would like to start seeing how they feel about them.  You can also ask your current physician for a referral if you are moving to a new area, or ask for referrals through a healthcare system. Call Health on Demand for a list of providers accepting new patients, and for guidance in making a choice

What is the next step?

Schedule an appointment with your top choice to go over your medical history, discuss your health concerns and determine if it's a good fit. Fill out the form below to get connected to the Arnot Health primary care team, and to schedule an appointment.

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