Same-Day Surgery at Arnot Health

With today's advances in medicine, patients can have certain types of surgery and return home the same day, or spend only one night in a hospital.

Before outpatient surgery you must complete all paperwork and medical or laboratory testing at the pre-admission center. Your surgeon's office will schedule an appointment with the pre-admission center before your procedure.

What to bring:

  • Insurance card
  • 18 or younger must bring immunization record
  • Medications in their labeled containers

Day before surgery:

  • Drink extra fluids the evening before
  • Eat your regular diet until midnight, unless otherwise restricted by your physician
  • Get a good night's sleep
  • Shower and wash your hair the morning of surgery

Day of surgery:

  • If you become ill the day of your surgery, call your surgeon's office. After hours there is an answering service. 
  • Wear loose clothing that is easy to take off and put back on
  • Do not wear make-up or jewelry
  • Leave all valuables at home
  • Contact lenses have to be removed prior to surgery - please wear glasses
  • Dentures have to be removed prior to surgery - please do not use adhesive
  • Do not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, marijuana, or vape
  • You may ONLY drink water, Gatorade, apple juice, or soda - diet or regular - until FOUR HOURS before your scheduled surgery. NO coffee, tea or energy drinks
  • Call Health on Demand at 607-737-4499 between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm for your arrival time. Call on Friday for surgery on Monday

After surgery:

Make sure you have a ride home. You must have a responsible adult with you for discharge. Recovery times vary from one to several hours, so the escort should plan to stay as your recover, or be available for a telephone call to bring you home as soon as you are ready to be discharged. Please make sure you have someone to help you at home.