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The Arnot Ogden Medical Center School of Radiologic Technology curriculum has been evaluated by the National College Credit Recommendation Service ( (formally National PONSI). The student graduates with fifty-seven recommended college credit hours. Twenty-nine of these recommended credit hours transer to Corning Community College towards completion of an Associates Degree.

Arnot Ogden radiologic technology students are required to have the minimum of an Associate’s Degree along with the radiology courses in order to graduate. A student can obtain the degree during their two year attendance at the Arnot Ogden Medical Center School of Radiologic Technology.

Track I is for the Certificate in Radiologic Technology.

Track II is for both the Certificate in Radiologic Technology and the Associate in Directed Studies in Applied Science degree through Corning Community College (CCC).

First Year Courses Track I Track II
Intro to Radiologic Technology and Medical Ethics · ·
Methods of Patient Care · ·
Principles of Radiographic Exposure 1 · ·
Radiation Protection · ·
Equipment Operation and Management · ·
Radiographic Procedures I (includes 80 hrs. Lab) · ·
Pediatric Radiography · ·
Medical Terminology · ·
Clinical Education I · ·
Anatomy and Physiology I (CCC) ·
Anatomy and Physiology II (CCC) ·
Interpersonal Communication (CCC) ·
General Psychology (CCC) ·

Second Year Courses Track I Track II
Principles of Radiographic Exposure II · ·
Radiation Biology · ·
Radiographic Procedures II (includes 41 hrs. Lab) · ·
Special Procedures · ·
Radiographic Image Evaluation II · ·
Advanced Imaging · ·
Sectional Anatomy · ·
Radiographic Pathology · ·
Clinical Education II · ·
College Composition I (CCC) ·
College Mathematics I (CCC) ·
Social Science Electives - 6 Credit Hours (CCC)  ·
Humanities Elective - 3 Credit Hours (CCC) ·


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