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Ira Davenport Memorial Hospital


Volunteers are a vital part of the Ira Davenport Memorial Hospital team. We believe this partnership with our community members is an integral ingredient in providing quality service. Whether you're interested in patient contact, office work, special projects, a sit-down job or lots of walking, a fixed or flexible schedule, placements are often available.

Become a Volunteer
Becoming a volunteer is easy. We welcome enthusiastic individuals of all backgrounds and abilities. All you need is the spirit of caring and the energy to contribute. If this sounds like you, give us a call at 607-776-8634.

What Do Volunteers Do?
About 60 active volunteers contribute over 8,000 hours annually. They are a vital part of the hospital team and help meet many needs that can't be met by staff alone. We do our best to make effective use of each person's talents, skills and interests. Activities include:

  • Staffing reception areas and waiting rooms
  • Transporting and escorting patients
  • Visiting and advocating for patients
  • Working with geriatric patients
  • Assembling chart packets
  • Helping with clerical or secretarial projects
  • Assisting patients with menus
  • Working in the gift shop
  • Knitting and sewing
  • Fundraising

Why Volunteer?
The greatest reward our volunteers enjoy is the satisfaction of being of service to others. Each year, hundreds of volunteers find fulfillment, practical work experience, and companionship at Ira Davenport Memorial Hospital and the Ira Davenport Memorial Hospital SNF/HRF.

  • Students learn about commitment and responsibility while gaining experience and accruing volunteer hours toward course requirements.
  • Adults share their compassion, skills, and expertise. They volunteer for personal growth, job advancement, career change or social commitment.
  • Retirees gain personal satisfaction and reward by offering their time and experience.

Davenport & Taylor is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life within our rural community by providing local high quality primary, acute, restorative and residential health services. We strive to be responsive to the community we serve:

  • to maintain high standards of performance by staff and volunteers
  • to promote guest relations in all of our services
  • to insure appropriate utilization and placement of volunteers
  • to provide and promote ongoing recognition for volunteers
  • to anticipate needs and trends in order to plan for future growth

The Auxiliary and Volunteer Department work together as a single, cohesive unit. They provide services to patients, staff and visitors, and financial support to maintain advanced medical technology and services, and they are a voice for the medical center in the community.

Become a Volunteer
To request an application, call the Volunteer Department: 607-776-8566.

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