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Children’s Miracle Network Miracle Family

Miracle Family
Your support of the Children's Miracle Network assures that our community families have access to the very best in neonatal intensive and pediatric care. Each year, we share the story of a family and their miracle.

Meet EJ!

During childbirth class at Arnot Ogden Medical Center, Susan suddenly lost vision in her left eye. The instructors immediately escorted her to the Emergency Department where they found her blood pressure to be dangerously high. Medication failed to lower her blood pressure and at 33 weeks pregnant, Susan had an emergency c-section to save not only her life, but her baby's life as well.

Seconds after their son, EJ, was born, Susan and her husband, Geoff, were expecting to hear him cry, but all they heard was silence. EJ was in respiratory distress. The members of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) team quickly delivered life-saving support to help him in his struggle to breathe.

Little EJ was intubated and remained in the NICU for 3 long weeks to stabilize his breathing and address his gastric issues. Susan and Geoff were nervous to bring EJ home for the first time, as Susan was still healing herself. They both recalled that the NICU team did an outstanding job teaching them to feel comfortable with their transition to home life with their little miracle.

Today, EJ is a happy, healthy, and active toddler! Susan and Geoff are grateful for the compassionate, expert, and well-coordinated care they received at the scariest time in their lives.

Each year, we provide highly specialized care for thousands of critically ill infants in the NICU and children in the Pediatric Unit. Your support of your local Children's Miracle Network ensures that families, like Susan, Geoff and EJ, all have access to the very best neonatal and pediatric care, close to home.

Ways to Give

Care for Local Children
Every dollar raised locally stays in our region to benefit a child through medical care, equipment, programs or education. Arnot Ogden Medical Center Children's Miracle Network has raised more than $4 million to support healthcare services for local infants and children.

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