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Physical Examinations

Arnot Health Occupational Medicine physical exam services to prevent injury and maintain compliance by ensuring employees meet essential health requirements to do their job. We tailor exams to specific jobs on behalf of employers,  and offer services to employers and individuals to comply with relevant regulations, including OSHA, HAZMAT, DOT, and FAA requirements.

Pre-employment Physical Exams
Once you’ve found the right employee, you want to get them on the job as quickly as possible. Arnot Health helps you bring on new workers quickly to safely do their job. Pre-placement physical examinations and screening tests may include:

  • Vision screening and hearing evaluations
  • Pulmonary function screening
  • Tuberculosis screening
  • Immunizations
  • Respirator clearance and fitness testing
  • Disease and illness surveillance

Additional Physical Exams
Keeping current with regulations may require testing and screening after hire. Arnot Health Occupational Medicine offers fitness-for-duty and readiness-to-work physical examinations for job specific requirements. We help you maintain compliance with

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulated physical examinations, 2nd and 3rd class
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated physical examinations
  • Fire Fighter/HAZMAT examinations for OSHA compliance
  • Police exams
  • Lead surveillance

Worker’s Compensation Evaluations
We provide same day/next day diagnosis and treatment for injured workers to help them return to work quickly and safely. With Arnot Health, patients receive care from our occupational medicine specialists as well as access to comprehensive radiology, emergency, therapy, and specialty services. In the case of work-related injuries, we communicate with the employer through the course of care as appropriate. Examination services include:

  • Scheduled loss of use assessment (SLOUs)
  • Impairment and disability assessments
  • Workers’ compensation evaluations and hearing testimony
  • Chronic work-related disability evaluations
  • Independent medical examinations (IME)

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