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Questions and Answers for Potential Volunteers - Scheduling


How do you schedule shifts?
We ask that volunteers commit to a four-hour (three hours for high school and college students) weekly shift. The vast majority of our volunteers schedule a consistent shift (e.g. Wednesdays, 8 a.m. to noon). However, we also accommodate those who want to serve as substitutes or whose schedules may vary due to other factors.

What happens if I get sick? Can I miss a shift?
A successful volunteer experience requires punctuality and commitment, but we understand that illness happens. In the case of an illness or emergency that will require you to miss your shift, please notify the Volunteer staff and, if applicable, the unit where you volunteer as soon as possible.

I live on a hill and sometimes it is hard to get out in winter weather. I’m afraid that I might have to call out once or twice. Can I still volunteer?
AOMC is located in an area where virtually any type of weather is possible, from frigid cold to vicious tornadoes. Though the hospital system never closes because of weather, there are times where snow, ice, or other hazardous conditions may make your travel to the facility hazardous. Please use your best judgment when deciding whether to fulfill your volunteer commitment on these days. If you feel you can come in, use caution. If you feel you cannot come in, please inform us.

I can only volunteer after school/work. Do you have any roles available?
Yes. As the hospital is a 24-hour per day business, we have roles available during all hours of the day and days of the week, including something that will match your ideal.

I can only volunteer on weekends. Do you have any roles available?
Yes. As the hospital is a 24-hour per day business, we have roles available during all hours of the day and days of the week, including something that will match your ideal.

I have work (school, violin practice, church) at a given day/time. Can you schedule around this?
The best volunteer experience is one that works with your life and your schedule. In the interview, we will come up with a day/time that does not conflict with the other events in your busy life. At no time will we ask you to give up another activity by forcing a volunteer shift upon you.

I’m only available in the summer. Can I still volunteer?
Definitely! Summer volunteers complement our team with added service and we look forward to your arrival. However, please be sure that your schedule is open enough to handle volunteering. We ask that our summer volunteers commit to a weekly shift of four hours, and make up every single one of their absences. Therefore, if you are planning to go on vacation or to a sports camp during your service, you will need to pick up an additional shift the week before/after. Summer volunteers are expected to contribute a minimum of 50 hours.

I’m in college, and only here between September and May. Can I still volunteer?
Sure! We ask that our college students demonstrate commitment by serving 100 hours in shifts of three hours per week with 90 percent attendance (including makeup shifts). We will work with changing semester schedules to accommodate you. Please note that we will not acknowledge service of less than 100 hours at a 90 percent attendance rate.

I play a sport in the autumn (winter, spring). Can I still volunteer?
Of course! Many of our students juggle academic requirements, athletic pursuits, and volunteering. Some switch their volunteering time to the weekends, while others take off the semester when their sport is played.

I go south in the winter (or to the lake in the summer). Can I still volunteer?
Certainly! We are glad to accept part-year volunteers. Please discuss this in the interview.

I want to volunteer with a friend/family member. Is this possible?
Very much so! Many of our volunteers joined our team in pairs, and many roles can accommodate multiple people in the same shift. Some volunteers prefer to stick together, while others choose to serve in different locations. The only limitation on pairing friends and family members is availability and scheduling. Please send in one application per person and speak with us at the interview.

I want to volunteer, but I don’t want to start until a few months from now (when school ends, I’m done traveling, I retire, etc.). Can I apply now?
Without a doubt! Your application remains active for six months after the date of submission. Many volunteers find it easier to complete all the requirements beforehand and jump into volunteering once their schedule clears.

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