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Planning for Your Hospital Discharge

Arnot Health is committed to providing quality healthcare services to patients during their stay at our facilities. This includes assisting them with a plan of care after discharge. Discharge planning can help relieve the anxiety many families feel when considering post-hospital care and arrangements.

  • Contact the Arnot Health Continuum of Care department: 607-737-4132
  • Contact the St. Joseph’s Hospital Continuum of Care Department at 607-733-6541, ext. 294
  • After your visit be sure to follow-up with your primary care provider.

Discharge Hour

Actual discharge time is up to the patient’s doctor. If needed, assistance in making arrangements for transportation is available. Patients are encouraged to make any arrangements the night before discharge, if known.

Discharge Options

Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance providers approve and pay for hospital stays only until a patient is considered medically stable. A stable patient does not always feel “ready” to go home. Each patient should think about the support systems they have to meet rehabilitation and daily care needs outside the hospital setting. They should consider any challenges in their home. Discharge options include:

For information about providing care at home, see our Caregiver’s Guide.

Support Counseling and Continuity of Care Planning

A case manager and a social worker are available on each unit for assistance in planning discharge. Patients are encouraged to speak with any member of their healthcare team about fears or anxiety they have about transitioning from the hospital. Registered nurses, medical social workers, case managers and other professional staff can assist with arrangements and help prepare patients to return home with confidence.

Lifeline Service Available

Any time, day or night, the Lifeline Personal Help Button can summon help. Press a button and a unit in your home automatically dials the Lifeline Response Center. In about a minute, a lifeline monitor will respond and send the appropriate help: an ambulance, the fire department, the police or even your neighbor to check your needs. The Lifeline monitoring service is available for a one-time sign-on fee and a low monthly charge. You’ll be asked to give some basic information including address, allergies, the phone numbers of neighbors, your doctor, fire department and police.

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