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MRI at Arnot Health

Arnot Health's Open MRI at St. Joseph's Hospital

The Siemens Magnetom® Espree 1.5T MRI's unique over-sized bore opening and short magnet design delivers the most comfortable patient experience available along with exceptional imaging results.

  • More headroom, legroom, and elbowroom for anxious patients.
  • An over-sized bore opening accommodating patients weighing up to 550 pounds.
  • Superior image quality and resolution for the highest degree of clinical confidence.
  • Shorter scan times.
  • Whole-body scan capability with a field of view ranging 5mm - 6.7 feet.
  • 3x the power of conventional open-style MRI.

For referrals to and scheduling for Magnetom® Espree 1.5T MRI contact:

St. Joseph’s Hospital - Radiology
555 East Market Street
Elmira, NY 14901
Centralized Scheduling: 607-795-8080

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses a large magnet, radio frequency transmissions through the body, and sophisticated computers to produce a series of magnetically generated images.  These images can be used to diagnose many conditions or monitor the progress of treatment for diseases. Because MRI can see through bone and clearly define soft tissue, it can be used to make a diagnosis in some areas that X-rays cannot.

Each of the hospitals in the Arnot Health system offers MRI in its' radiology department. Your primary care physician will direct you to the correct provider.

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