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Arnot Ogden Medical Center

Questions and Answers for Potential Volunteers - Applying

Applying to Volunteer

I’m hooked. How do I get started?
Download and fill out the appropriate application:
Adult Volunteer Application
College Student Volunteer Application
High School Student Volunteer Application

How do I submit the application?
The application can be sent to:
Volunteer Services
Arnot Ogden Medical Center
600 Roe Avenue
Elmira, NY 14905,

or dropped off at the volunteer office, or scan and e-mailed to

When are applications accepted?
Applications for all volunteers are accepted on a rolling basis.

Do you offer an online application?
Due to the fact that we require your signature, we do not offer an application that can be filled in on the web.

What happens after I submit an application?
After we receive your application and references, we will contact you for an interview. At the interview, which takes about 30 minutes, we will learn about one another, discuss the next steps in the process, decide on a role and a tentative schedule, and talk about orientation.

I am under 18 years of age. Will my parent/guardian need to attend the interview with me?
We trust that anyone mature enough to serve in the hospital setting can interview on his/her own.

What do I do with the reference forms?
Give the reference forms to adults who have known you for at least six months and are not related to you. Ideal choices include: neighbors, work colleagues, coaches, members of your congregation, members of civic groups to which you belong, and employers. If you are still in high school, one reference should be from a teacher or guidance counselor.

I want to volunteer, but I don’t want to start until a few months from now (when school ends, I’m done traveling, I retire, etc.). Can I apply now?
Without a doubt! Your application remains active for six months after the date of submission. Many volunteers find it easier to complete all the requirements beforehand and jump into volunteering once their schedule clears.


What happens at orientation?
Volunteer orientation is an enjoyable experience of learning about AOMC, staying safe, and serving our patients, guests, and staff in the best manner possible. During the 3-1/2 hour interactive session, you’ll find yourself in an enthusiastic and supportive learning environment, where laughs and smiles outnumber power point slides.
At the conclusion of orientation, you will complete documentation.

What happens after orientation?
After orientation, we will schedule your first day of volunteering. On your first day of volunteering, we will get an ID, and train you to your new role alongside a staff member or experienced volunteer.

How often are volunteer orientation sessions held?
Volunteer orientation sessions are generally held once per month. Dates and times will be discussed at the interview.

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