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Arnot Ogden Medical Center

Questions and Answers for Potential Volunteers - Requirements and Benefits

What makes a good volunteer candidate?
The main factors which determine a great volunteer are: a passion for customer service, a dedication to the community, and the ability to make a commitment. Some of our volunteers perform exceptionally well in balancing employment, parenting, grandparenting, academic requirements, athletic endeavors, extra-curricular activities, hobbies, and volunteering. Other volunteers struggle because they cannot balance volunteering with other activities in their life. Before you submit an application, take stock of you activities and availability and determine whether a commitment to our patients, guests, and staff is one you can make at this time.


What are the requirements to become a volunteer?
Volunteers must be able to work independently with minimal supervision. Volunteers who need additional support while volunteering must provide a support person, who will also be a volunteer.  Volunteers must commit to upholding the mission, vision, and values of Arnot Health, and serve with a friendly, cooperative, and professional demeanor.

What is the minimum age to volunteer?
Volunteers must be at least 14 years of age to begin their service. However, all of the processes regarding service – including the application, medical requirements, and orientation – can be completed as a 13 year old with the expectation of starting after the 14th birthday.

What is the maximum age to volunteer?
There is no maximum age. Our team includes several volunteers who have served into their nineties, survivors of cancer and heart attacks, those who have overcome disabilities and challenges. If you have the spirit to serve, we invite you to apply.

What is your minimum commitment?
Excluding summer volunteers, we ask that volunteers aim to complete at least 100 hours of service and give at least six months to our program. Please speak to the volunteer manager about exceptions before completing an application.

Does it cost anything to become a volunteer?
No. There is no cost to become a volunteer at Arnot Ogden Medical Center.

Physical Requirements

I like to stay active and walk a lot. Do you have volunteer roles that meet this need?
Totally! Some of our roles involve much time upright, and some of our volunteers walk three miles in a single four-hour shift.

I have trouble walking and prefer to remain seated. Do you have volunteer roles that meet this need?
Yes, indeed! Roles in the volunteer office, front desk, and waiting areas involve little to no walking.

I want to volunteer, but it is difficult for me to get out of my house. Do you have any opportunities that I can work on at home?
Indisputably! We invite you to help our team even if you can’t get to the hospital each week. Examples of how our community volunteers assist include special events, baking for events, knitting, addressing, envelope stuffing, and assembly work. Please note that you will need to provide your own transportation/arrangements to get these items to and from AOMC.

What do I wear?
The volunteer dress code and uniform policy will be discussed in orientation. All volunteers are expected to have a clean and professional appearance, and adhere to the hospital dress code policy which prohibits excessive jewelry, visible body piercings or tattoos, and fragrances

Required Medical Screenings

What medical screenings do you require?
We want to make sure that you and our patients are as safe as possible in the hospital environment. Therefore, we require:

  • Proof of having or receiving the vaccine for: measles (rubeola), mumps, rubella, and varicella (Chicken Pox). A vaccination record is the most typical form of documentation we receive. Those born before 1980 may need to have titers drawn to prove immunity.
  • Proof of a flu vaccination during flu season (generally 01 Nov-30 Apr, but subject to the declaration by the New York State Department of Health)
  • Proof of two (2) recent negative tuberculosis tests (or a recent negative chest x-ray). If you can submit proof of a TB test conducted within the last 12 months, only one test is necessary.
  • Documentation of fitness to serve in the medical environment. Generally this is achieved by your granting us permission to send a form to your personal physician. If you do not have a personal physician, you can have a medical screening performed at AOMC.

Who pays for the cost of any medical tests required?
The volunteer department takes on the cost of any medical screenings.

Where do I get these screenings done?
TB tests, titers, flu vaccinations, and medical screenings can all be done at AOMC. This can be discussed in the interview.


What benefits do you offer to volunteers?
Volunteers are honored through annual recognition (National Volunteer Week, Appreciation Dinner), recognition for hours and years of service, and special recognition. As part of the hospital team, volunteers are entitled to cafeteria discounts and invitations to some hospital and educational events. Volunteers receive a weekly newsletter, free flu vaccinations, some hospital discounts, and have the opportunity to request recommendation letters. Volunteers may park on a space available basis in parking spots designated for volunteers.

Do you supply recommendation letters for college/medical school/etc.?
The volunteer department will provide letters of recommendation and other acknowledgment of service for volunteers who have a served at least 50 hours.

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