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Arnot Ogden Medical Center

Questions and Answers for Potential Volunteers - Roles and Groups

Roles and Areas to Volunteer

What kind of volunteer roles are available?
There are many different volunteer roles available at Arnot Ogden Medical Center. Further discussion of these roles and how they match your skills and interests will be done at the interview.

Do you have roles that specifically involve working with pediatrics?
While every volunteer role may include the possibility of encountering pediatric patients, we do not have any roles that exclusively involve pediatric patients.

Do you have roles that specifically involve working with babies? How about in the NICU?
While every volunteer role may include the possibility of encountering infants, we do not have any roles that exclusively involve infants.

Will I get to shadow a nurse or doctor as a volunteer?
While the volunteer role makes it almost inevitable that you will interact with medical caregivers, volunteering provides an experience in the medical environment beyond merely walking in someone else’s footsteps. If you are interested in shadowing, please see information on the shadow program [here]. Note that the medical requirements for shadowing are exactly the same as the medical requirements for volunteers. 

I need leadership opportunities. Are there leadership opportunities available?
Yes! Arnot Ogden Medical Center has numerous chances for students and adults to demonstrate and utilize leadership skills. Leadership roles are available in some of our many projects, as well as with our Auxiliary.

Do you have roles that are around patients?
Positively! Our roles all offer some degree of customer interaction, and some very much involve interaction with patients. If you are interested in a role on one of our patient units, please mention that at the interview.

I’m not really comfortable around patients and guests. Do you have any office roles?
Unquestionably! Our wide range of roles includes a number that take place in the office setting, and some that take place outside of the main hospital environment. Please ask at the interview.

I only want to serve in one particular department. Should I apply?
We do our best to meet the desires of all our volunteers, but above all, our commitment is to the hospital, the patients, and their needs. We will discuss available job placements during the interview and determine whether these openings fit with your schedule. It is always possible to switch roles after three months of service.

Can I observe procedures?
The volunteer department does not provide opportunities to observe procedures.

Will I come into contact with blood and/or body fluids?
While any role in the hospital carries a small chance of contact with blood or body fluids, the role of volunteers does not include tasks that involve the expected contact with such substances.

Using Clinical Skills or Special Skills

I have special skills that I would like to use in the hospital environment (e.g. event planning, accounting, engineering, design, etc.). Do you have a use for me?
Let’s talk! Volunteer roles have expanded greatly from what is typically imagined in the hospital environment. If you have a talent, let’s see how we can utilize it to grow our program and facility, and continue making AOMC the best place to receive care.

I have clinical skills (as a nursing student, physical therapist, CNA, retired nurse). Can I use them in the hospital environment as a volunteer?
Congratulations on your dedication to the people of Chemung County as a medical professional. We are enamored of your work. In fact, we encourage you to apply as we can utilize your knowledge in ways to help you, us, and our patients. We will undoubtedly kindle your love of this profession, while augmenting your customer skills. Please note, however, that as a volunteer, there are no hands-on opportunities to physically use that medical training. Volunteers do not perform clinical tasks, and are not permitted to take vital signs, perform tests, or practice CPR.

I’m not interested in becoming a medical professional. Why should I volunteer?
The skills you will learn as a volunteer at AOMC will be beneficial in whatever career path you pursue. Whether it is customer service and community vision, accounting and cash handling, or marketing and communications, you will come away a leg up on your peers. Past volunteers have used the lessons learned in the hospital environment to establish successful careers in business, advertising, teaching, art, music, counseling, entrepreneurship, economics, public policy, dance, and more.

I want to seek a career in medicine (nurse/doctor/therapist). What benefits does volunteering offer?
A volunteer experience at AOMC can be a springboard to reaching your long term career goals in medicine. Suited to your comfort level and growth, we can work with you to provide a taste of the medical environment and prepare you for the next step. Whether you’re looking for a whole palette of options or more knowledge of the field you’ve always wanted to pursue, AOMC can provide it in the always changing, always active hospital setting.
We are proud of our legacy of hundreds of young volunteers who have gone on to be the medical caregivers of today, and look forward to having you add to that list.

Volunteer Groups

I am part of a group which would like to volunteer in the hospital. Can we do this as part of a service day?
Please contact us if you are part of a group interested in volunteering. While the volunteer program does not have any group service opportunities in the hospital, there may be some community events held by Arnot Health which may be conducive to your desire to serve.

I want to volunteer with a friend/family member. Is this possible?
Very much so! Many of our volunteers joined our team in pairs, and many roles can accommodate multiple people in the same shift. Some volunteers prefer to stick together, while others choose to serve in different locations. The only limitation on pairing friends and family members is availability and scheduling. Please send in one application per person and speak with us at the interview.



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