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Hand Management Center at Arnot Health

hand orthopedicsArnot Health orthopedic care and the Hand Management Center are a regionally unique full service practice in the Twin Tiers of southern New York and northern Pennsylvania. Our orthopedic surgeon specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and conditions affecting the region from fingertip to shoulder. Working in tandem with the Hand Management Center board certified occupational therapists and board certified physical therapists to rehabilitate fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders.

Symptoms of Hand Orthopedic Issues

  • Sudden sharp (acute) pain in the fingers, wrist, forearm or shoulder
  • Continuing (chronic) pain or stiffness anywhere from the fingertip to the shoulder
  • Loss of hand function -- unable to pick up objects or dropping objects
  • Weakness in the hand or arm
  • Numbness and/or tingling in the fingertips or hand

Make an appointment with  Arnot Health Orthopedics or your primary care provider to discuss the possible source of pain and develop a treatment regime.

Causes of Hand Orthopedic Issues
Pain in the region from fingertip to shoulder can be caused by a number of problems. Some typical reasons  are:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Osteoarthritis at the base of the thumb (CMC Arthritis)
  • Trigger Finger
  • Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis) or Golf Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis)
  • Fractures or broken bones of the wrist, hand, forearm or elbow

Before discussing surgery, we try more conservative treatments. These may include:

  • Modifying an activity or using adaptive devices
  • Hand physical therapy
  • Immobilization and splinting
  • Anti-inflammatory medications

About the Hand Management Center in Elmira, NY
If you have suffered loss of function to the upper extremity, we design a program to help restore mobility, confidence and independence.

Team of Experts
Our occupational therapists and board certified physical therapists work in tandem with our fellowship trained hand surgeon to diagnose and rehabilitate the fingers, hands, wrists and shoulders. We understand the emotional and physical challenge of restoring a hand.

Located in the Southern Tier of New York State
Our Hand Management Center in Elmira at St. Joseph's Hospital is a short car trip for patients from Elmira, Horseheads, and Corning NY as well as Sayre, PA. We also see patients in Bath at Ira Davenport Memorial Hospital, convenient for patients in Hornell and Avoca.

Dedicated Therapeutic Equipment
The Hand Management Center features the latest hand rehabilitation equipment.  Heat treatments, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, biofeedback , and other treatments offer relief of pain and improved functionality. The computerized work simulator offers conditioning and strengthening  exercise customized to the exact needs of the patient.

Custom Orthotics
Our therapists design and build custom orthotics to hold your hand in an optimal position for rest and healing. Since we create orthotics and splints on site, patients leave their appointments with the equipment they need to get better.

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