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What to Expect

This is a general description of what to expect on the day of your surgery. Your care team will provide specifics about your care plan and schedule.

  1. Admittance to the Orthopedic Unit
    A nurse and members of the anesthesia and surgery teams will review your information with you and answer any questions. Your throat, heart, and lungs will be examined. Your IV for surgery will be started.
  2. Consent given and information confirmed
    You will sign a surgical consent form and go to the holding area where members of the surgical team and your anesthesiologist will confirm your information. The area where you will have surgery will be marked for you to confirm.
  3. Surgery
    Preparation in the operating room takes about 45 minutes. A breathing tube may be placed in your windpipe to assist with breathing and catheters will be inserted to monitor blood pressure and drain urine. Orthopedic surgery will take from 1 to 1.5 hours.
  4. Recovery room
    You will wake in the recovery room where a nurse will monitor your blood pressure and pulse, evaluate your pain and assess you for nausea and vomiting. The nurse will provide medication if needed. When ready, you will be moved to a private room in the dedicated orthopedic unit.
  5. After your surgery
    You can expect to be out of bed and on your feet the same day you have surgery. A nurse will oversee your care, respond to your pain, and contact the physician for you. A clinical assistant will take your vital signs, assist with bathing, draw blood daily, and deliver your meals. Therapists will provide 3 individualized therapy sessions each day. Your team will help you recover and prepare to return home safely and quickly. See Recovery Tips.

Information for Family Members
Family members may wait with patients before they go into the operating room. The surgical waiting room has a TV and reading materials. Beverages are available. A volunteer can assist you with any questions or take a message if you need to step out. The surgeon will come to the surgical waiting room to discuss your family member’s surgery when it is complete. You are encouraged to join your loved one for all aspects of joint replacement treatment. In-room sleeping is available.
Arnot Health prohibits use of tobacco products within its buildings and on its property by patients and visitors at all times.

Health on Demand
If you have questions or concerns, a registered nurse is available daily from Health on Demand: 607-737-4499.

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